Thursday Night Football and the Game of Second Chances–Thankful Thursday


Tonight rain is finally falling. There is some thunder rumbling in the background as I watch a little Thursday Night Football. Chiefs and Eagles. Although neither team is really one of my favorites, it’s still a pretty good game–at least so far. Watching a game you have no stake in while listening to the rain is pretty therapeutic. Who knew?

I have my eye on the Chiefs this year. I’ve always felt a little bad for Alex Smith. Smith, in case you don’t know, is actually a pretty stellar quarterback who happened to suffer a concussion last year when he played for San Francisco. In pops Colin Kaepernick and the rest is history. Smith is now on the bench and Kaepernick is the new golden boy. Although it has worked out very well for the 49ers and for Kaepernick, it still seemed a bit unfair to me, especially since Smith hadn’t done anything wrong but get conked on the head.

Alex Smith is doing a pretty fine job as a Chief. There’s hope again in Kansas City, and they haven’t felt hope on the football field in some time. Alex Smith has been given a second chance, he’s using it well, and it’s making a difference in the spirit of an entire community.

Then there’s Michael Vick. Vick also lost his job, although for entirely different reasons. Vick has also been given a second chance, and he is also using it well, and it, too, has brought some hope back to people. Not at this moment, while he has only hit one of his last six passes, but still, it’s good to see that people can change. I think his humble words to former Eagles coach, current Chiefs’ coach and Vick’s mentor, Andy Reid, are proof that Vick is a winner in the game of second chances.

What does all this have to do with a thankful Thursday? Well, I, too, am a player in the game of second chances. Only it’s not just a game. It’s so much more. Because of Christ, I’ve been given a second chance. I’m not who I used to be–not where I used to be–not how I used to be. That second chance has given me a hope and a future and the chance to share them both with others.

Tonight, while sitting on the couch, listening to the rain, watching the game, God reminded me of that. . . again, and for that, I am very, very thankful.

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