I Don’t Like Spam–A Thankful Thursday Post


Sorry, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t like Spam. Actually, I don’t like very many products where meats are combined and compressed to make another kind of meat product. Y’know things like turkey rolls, chicken nuggets, weird sausages (although I do like a good hot dog every now and then–yes, I know “good hotdog” is an oxymoron.)

But today’s Thankful Thursday post isn’t about the meat with the uni-name. It’s really about that stuff that comes through your email. Don’t like it at all, not at all.

spam 2

However, since this is a thankful post and not a “rant about things you don’t like post,”  let me just say that I do like spam filters–ALOT. This thought came to me today while I was cleaning out my emails, after getting a little bit behind in the email cleaning out department.

spam filter


I like them because a because they help keep me accountable. A spam filter greatly reduces my willingness to give into a temptation. I still use yahoo for a great deal of my email, and my little spam folder fills up at an alarmingly quick rate of speed. When it does, I simply pop that spam in the trash, much like I would a can of Spam–there’s no need to open in up, no need to try it out, no need to give it a taste. I already know it’s not something I like, need or want. In fact, no offense to the good folks who make Spam, but I already know it’s not good for me.

So I just get rid of it. (Don’t hate me, it’s not like I buy it and throw it away. I don’t buy it. It’s just an example.)

It’s pretty much a Biblical principle.

Romans 6:11 reminds me I am dead to sin. In order to be dead to sin, I need to be alive in Christ and so my Spirit must be fed and my flesh starved out. Feeding my flesh on Spam is feeding the wrong thing for sure, for sure.

Or how about. . .

Matthew 18 where we are reminded that if our eye causes us to sin to gouge it out, or if our hand causes us to sin to chop it off. Well, it’s a much easier road to hoe to just not look at the spam.

Need a partner. . . .I already have a partner, thank you, and I intend to be faithful to him.

Enhancements. . . .maybe in the areas of giving, prayer, study, grace

Making millions. . . .I think I’ll keep storing up treasures in heaven

Drugs. . . No thanks, I’ve got Jesus, and chocolate

Whatever they are sellin’, I’m not buyin’.

And so that I’m not even tempted to shop, I choose not to stop by the store on my way home.

And when I remember that heading home isn’t just about the place I live with my husband, but the place my father is preparing for me, it makes the choice a whole lot easier.

So while I don’t like spam in any variety, I am thankful this Thursday for a God who continually gives us ways to avoid giving into temptation so that we will be ready when it’s time to go home–to a place with no spam of any kind!




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