We’re Not in Kansas Anymore–Taste and See Sunday


As Dorothy said, “. . . we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

Tim and I are back home after spending the past couple of days in the small town of Fort Scott, Kansas, preparing for and participating in the wedding of our youngest son, Trevor, to his beautiful bride, Jordan.

day 0

While we were in Fort Scott we had the opportunity to “taste and see” God’s goodness in so many ways. This little town is such a treasure. It’s filled with some of the greatest people in the world. People who seem to go out of their way to make us, complete strangers to most, feel welcome and at home instantly.

So if you ever have a chance to visit Fort Scott, it’s just an hour or so away from Kansas City, I hope you can take some time to “taste and see” what a deliciously wonderful place it is by checking out places like:

levine house
The Levine House Bed and Breakfast–Our stay here was the best! The Levine House sits on National Street right across from the better known Lion’s Twin Mansion. Under new ownership, The Levine offers four rooms upstairs and our extended family shared the space with us while they were here. Our host, Glenn, did everything possible to help us and our family enjoy our time with privacy and comfort. The rooms were spacious, comfortable and we were provided with everything and anything we needed at an affordable price.

Ms Jamie’s Restaurant–Ms Jamie is a bit of a celebrity in Fort Scott and as a friend of Jordan’s family, we called her to do the catering for our rehearsal dinner, and we weren’t disappointed. We felt like family (even by those on her team who had no idea who we were!) Ms Jamie’s restaurant is open every day with great food, a fabulous staff and some of the most delicious treats ever. Her little place, tucked in neatly next to the State Farm office, does big business and is definitely worth a stop in.

Kelli Woodring–Kelli doesn’t have her own place, but she does make some mean cupcakes often sold at. . .you guessed it, Ms Jamies. Kelli, and her husband Tim, is a pastor, but he also helps out at Ms Jamie’s, and he and Kelli are servants at heart. Not only did she make the most amazing cupcakes for the wedding reception, but when we were in a pinch, Tim made sure that we had what we needed to bring technology to our gathering allowing Trevor’s brother Connor come to us from Russia via video to offer a toast to Trevor and his soon to be bride, Jordan.

sugar foot and peaches
Sugarfoot and Peaches BBQ–The little place is nestled near the edge of town (well, it seemed like it anyway, but I am a bit directionally challenged) and quite simply the place is not to be missed. The BBQ was so good, the ribs-yum!, the smoked sausage-uh huh!, sweet potatoes fries-ohhh, and the sauces–so, so, so saucy! The owners were friendly, gracious, helpful and made our meal even better. If you are in town, be sure to stop in and tell a friend.

community christian church
Community Christian Church–As a children’s ministry director, I rarely attend a service alone or with the husband. So it was a great treat to get to attend CCC in Ft Scott. We got there a little early and were greated and made to feel welcome. The minister, Kevin Moyers, is a guy I happened to go to church with as a teenager, and it was pretty cool to sit by his lovely wife, Cindy and hear him preach/teach/share such a solid message on the truth of Christmas and our need for a Savior. It was honest, sincere, and Biblical, and if you are ever in town on a Sunday you should certainly consider checking out one of their services.

Everywhere we went, we saw God’s goodness. Everywhere we ate, we tasted God’s goodness. In every person we met, we experienced God’s goodness. And I think part of the reason is because Fort Scott, Kansas, is one of those towns like the one I live in that, although not perfect, is still filled with really great people with a desire to make a difference.

And when we slow down long enough, we get the chance to see the things that are actually always right there under our noses. That way we don’t have to just taste and see that God is good, we can “sense” it, too.

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