Boys to Men–Mama Mia Monday


Well, prepare yourself for a week of post wedding posts! You won’t hurt my feelings at all if you decide to pass right on by, but as I decompress from wedding weekend palooza, there are still so many things that I treasure from our time.

One of those has to do with Trevor’s friends. One of the terms they use to describe their lives and the things they have done is “grown man saga.” I know that as I talked with them and observed them this weekend I’m more likely to choose “Boys to Men.” Not Boyz II Men, the group, but these boys have become and are becoming men, and I am so proud of them.

I don’t know all of their moms, but if their moms are reading this, I want them to know they, too, should be very proud of their sons.

Because as they are transitioning from boys to men, they are growing in character. This weekend we watched them as they cared about others more than themselves. Our sons know how to work and serve. They honor the women in their lives and the women around them. They are friendly, kind and compassionate, all the while exuding strength, masculinity and a strong competitive spirit. They can cook, clean, cry and wrestle–oh can they wrestle. They still love bubbles, wearing sheriff’s badges and silly hats. Those that have already married are devoted to their their wives. They love God, and they are willing to sacrifice to serve Him.




Mama Mia! These are the boys we dreamed of raising. And how did we do it?

Jesus. Grace. Commitment. Forgiveness. Perseverance. Love, lots of love. Prayer, lots of prayer. Tears, lots of tears.

We’ve allowed them to fail, to fall, to make mistakes that they had to wrestle out with God as He humbled them, molded them and shaped them; and we’ve allowed God to do the same to us.

We’ve encouraged them, disciplined them, maybe even been a bit, just a bit, frustrated with them. But we didn’t give up on them, and God in his infinite wisdom and grace stepped in and where we were weak, He was strong; where we were inadequate, He was capable; where we may have failed, He is bringing victory.

I saw great things in these boys this weekend. I saw the character of Christ in them. I saw it in Trevor, and I saw it in Kyle, Nelson, Sunshine, Chase, Zach, Miller, Daniel, Cameron, Creighton, Austin, Tyler, Ryan, Scott and the boys of Boatman, Williamson and Strong Halls, and it made me proud to know them.

boys 3

Even more, it makes me proud to know the God that is helping moms everywhere raise their sons from Boys to Men. Don’t give up moms, because while this going from Boys to Men thing may not always be pretty, it is a beautiful thing to behold.

boys 2

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