Simple Ways to Help Kids Grow in their Faith

simple ways
I think I’ve been in “hype” overload. Sometimes I feel like I am constantly bombarded with so much information about so many things at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up. Do you ever feel like that?

While some of this information can be good, even great, practical, and useful our quest for greatness, excellence and the pinnacle of “Pinterestness,” (yeah, I know that’s not a word, spell check already told me, but I’m a rebel!) we often forget that it is often in the most simple of things that we help kids grow in their faith.

Here are a few that we have used in our church lately with great results.

1) Cardboard. Never underestimate the power of cardboard. Our preschoolers have been in a fiery furnace later turned minivan (it was supposed to be a chariot, but I’m not a great designer). Cardboard boxes helped our lil HiSKidZ see that “God is With Them Everywhere,” and it didn’t cost us a dime.

2) Crafts that reinforce the lesson. Whether it’s been our “bigs” or our “littles,” we have reintroduced some simple crafts that help apply what they are learning and promote conversations at home. Adding a picture of that craft to our ministry’s facebook page serves as a reminder for the days when that craft never made it out the classroom door. We don’t do them every week, but we do them just often enough to make an impact.

3) Leftovers. They’re not just for dinner! We recently raided/cleaned out our resource room and found all sorts of things that we brought out to use at an arts table for our VBS family night. Kids and their families could stop by and start creating and they had a blast. Again, the cost was $0 and great connections were made within our families.

4) Theme Snacks. Theme snacks aren’t always simple. But can be easy to find a snack that you can tie in to a lesson as you teach. There are a lot of ways to tie blue jello into a Bible lesson. . . You Know! Two weeks ago, we served iced oatmeal cookies because they look a lot like chariot wheels, and in doing so, Dollar Store cookies became a simple teaching tool to connect our lesson to kids’ hearts.

5) On sight cross cultural missionary for VBS. This year we scheduled an entire session for our missionary at VBS. It helped that he and his wife (she is native to their country of service) are from our church and were back home visiting his parents (of which I am one!) But it was so neat to hear kids making the connection that if this guy who was from our same small town could be used by God in another country so could they. Spending 5 days with a missionary helped HiSKidZ imagine what God might do in them.

6) Love. More than anything, love. It’s that simple.

I’d love to hear what simple ideas you have been using in your church lately. All you have to do is simply share!

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