Fun/Pun Volunteer Gifts for the Leader on a Budget

12 days of Christmas

I love our volunteers! I love how they love kids, how they sacrifice, how they let God work through them, and how they love to have fun. I love those things and so much more. And I love to let them know how much I appreciate them. However on a budget, that can often be a challenge. This year, my gifts for our teams were simple, but a lot of fun, or should I say “pun” to put together.

Awkwardly enough, this year I may have gone a bit overboard. But it’s too late now–the gift ship has sailed! Truth be told, I don’t know what really happened. It all started so innocently, and  before I knew what was happening, I was in a full-blown pun mode! Every gift needed a witty saying, kitschy tie-in or corny pun!

I’m not exactly sure what all my volunteers thought, but I know I had a good time!!! As I thought, and bought, and wrapped and taped, I smiled just knowing that leaders would roll their eyes, groan a little or whisper those 5 little words we hear so often these days from gift recipients, “I saw that on Pinterest!”

But in case haven’t seen these on Pinterest and you are looking for a few fun ideas for your volunteers or friends for your next appreciation night or holiday, here’s a sample of what I did.

My Wednesday night leaders each got a gift bag filled with gifts for the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Oh, we’ll just never mind that Christmas was more than twelve days away, it fit a theme and that was good enough for me! I was on a roll for heaven’s sake! (I’ll share what I gave to our other leaders in upcoming posts!)

I attached each item to a card, wrapped them and labeled them 1-12. My items included: Extra gum, a small scented candle, chocolate covered peppermints, individual packs of iced latte mix, lip balm, hand sanitizer, Lifesavers, hot apple cider mix, popcorn, cookies and creme Santa, Crystal Light lemonade mix, and Tootsie Rolls.

ExtraEXHIBITIONI mint itThank You for Making Jesus so

Balm-Diggity halfway Lifesaver -Owl- have to say picking you for our Popping text here Thanks for being willing to make Thanks

As you can see, none of the items cost a ton, but they were fun, and expressed my heart for this team and all they give throughout the year to help HiSKidZ know Jesus.

An extra plus– they were all done on time, and who doesn’t love being “Pun-ctual?!”

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