Let’s Paint a Memory (Verse)

photo (2)

I wanted to take a quick sec and share this little memory verse artsy/craftsy that we did this morning with some of HiSKidZ. We have a pretty small group during our first service which allows us the chance to do things that can’t always be done in bigger settings.

Since I’m hugely passionate about discipleship and helping kids with Scripture memorization, I love it when we can come up with something new.

This was so simple and takes just absolutely no time at all.

Step 1)
Start with your verse and make a print out of it using some fun fonts. I chose to do mine like this because of step 2.

O my people

Step 2)
Grab an empty 2 liter bottle of pop, a paper plate and some paint. Put the paint on the plate. Dip the bottom of the 2 liter into the paint and press the bottle onto the paper. After we made the first press, we rotated ours to give the appearance of more petals.

Step 3)
Grab some markers and draw a stem, some leaves and a center. (you can also do this step before you paint.)

Step 4)
Step away from the table. Grab a Bible, look up the verse, say it together, and get back to business while your creations dry. It should be done by the time church is over if your team didn’t get overly aggressive in the paint department!

Success! In less than 10 minutes, we created art, made a memory, and learned our verse! Oh! Did I mention that even the boys loved it!!

Woohoo! Do you have a great idea that you can share? I’d love to hear it.

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