Need An “Eggceptional” Post-Easter Game Idea? Look No Further!

plastic-eggs opened

It’s not that I needed a new game idea, it’s that I needed 3,000 Easter eggs from our church egg hunt put back together from the aftermath of HiSKidZ opening them to find their prizes.

So at our Wednesday night program following the Easter Sunday’s Egg Hunt, we created this game, adding a Biblical application.

This is what you need:

1) All your left over separated eggs

2)  Some boxes or containers

This is how ya do it:

1) Throw all those eggs around your space–we were indoors because weather didn’t allow going outside, but you could do this inside or out.

2) Put kids into teams and give each team a large container for their eggs. (We used random boxes from the church).

3) Instruct kids to pick up and reassemble as many eggs as they can in the allotted time. Eggs must be a correct color match.

4) Play some crazy fun music and go!

5) Have teams count up their eggs when the game is over. The team with the most eggs collected wins a prize–ours was snack for the following week. (See preceding post about cheese balls!)

HiSKidZ went crazy for this game! They loved it, and so did our leaders. Did I feel a bit like Tom Sawyer getting the kids in town to white wash his fence? Perhaps. . . but in deciding whether it was the laziest game I ever created or the most genius, our team decided it was genius!

But here’s the best part. After the kids finished collecting all the eggs, we sat down for just a minute and talked about how we are like those eggs. Here was our application:

We have been broken and separated from God, but in Jesus coming, dying and rising again, we are put back together and made new in Him. We are also now called by Him to go and find others who need His saving touch to put their lives back together. HiSKidZ got a glimpse at what could happen if we would look for the lost like we looked for those eggs!

So if you still have boxes of egg halves lying around your church, this post may be “eggz-actly” what you need!

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