Everything’s Just Ducky. . . Or Is It? (A Lesson Learned From a Day With a Decoy)


My husband, the amazing Mr Tim and I both had the day off today! That’s pretty big stuff considering my job for a church involves working on Sundays, and he works the other six days of the week as an engineer.

To celebrate, we decided to grab our kayaks and head to the river near our house for a little cruise along the banks of the mighty Mississippi. In the back of Tim’s truck is an old duck decoy, and we decided it would be fun to tie it onto the back of my kayak, letting the little guy experience the water again.

Not long after we had taken off, some kids were near the river bank and they shouted to us, “Is that a real duck?” I didn’t tell them yes or no, but instead responded with, “He’s our little pet.” I mean, he is, kind of–kind of like a tamagotchi or a pet rock.

Next, a dog followed along the bank longingly looking at my newly acquired friend. . . .like it might be his lunch. He obviously didn’t realize his potential lunch was made of plastic.

Then later that evening, we went back out when a co-worker of Tim’s came by on his motorcycle and asked, “Is that duck real?” Tim laughed and told him, “Yeah, we’ve got him trained to follow us, now.” Of course, he told the guy the truth that he was a little decoy and we were just having some fun.

But it sure made me think.

How often are we fooled by a decoy instead believing in the real thing?

How often does the deceiver allow us to think what is untrue is true?  How quick are we to buy into lies?

If today’s society is any indication, pretty often.

So let our little duck remind you to look a little more closely at things. Don’t be so quick to buy into what looks real. Investigate, ask questions, and see for yourself. Don’t just trust the words of others.

I mean after all, the real purpose of the decoy is not fun. It’s to lure in the hunter’s prey, resulting in its death. So be careful little eyes what you see, or everything won’t be “just ducky” after all.

(I can’t wait to make this an object lesson for KidZChurch!! Feel free to use it with the kids you are influencing!)

19209679218_e114957d4b_o-2 He looks so real. . . .but he’s not.

19208527488_ba089f0393_m  Be careful, at times, deception can seem fun.

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