The Wise Woman Built Her VBS With Insulation Board (A VBS Story Pt 2)


Last week was VBS. When Jeff and Alan from Jumpstart3 arrived, I loved that they loved our decorations. I also loved that they reminded me that I am one lucky girl. I guess not every church gets to put their VBS decor up the week before VBS.

I remember the days when we put decorations up at the last-minute and am incredibly thankful that we can now showcase our week, build a little more excitement and pace ourselves a little better by having almost everything in place before our 1st service begins.

We are a small-medium sized church in a small town that was just given the distinction of being the poorest city in our state. So while finances may not always abound, God in His infinite creativity does.

IMG_3303 It’s time to build!

This is how we became such a big fan of insulation board. In our town, there is no Lowes, no Home Depot and no Menards. There are two small lumber yards, and we are thankful for them because not only do they carry insulation board, they deliver it for free, and we get to choose our delivery guy. (Yea, Taylor!!)

  _MG_4054offering contest bricks

Our 1st tie ever! Girls won, btw!

This year as we learned about building our lives and our spiritual homes on Christ, we built most of our VBS out of this wonderful pink and blue foam. I wouldn’t want to build my house on it, or with it, but since it’s not meant to frame a house, just insulate it, I think we are good.


Another craft tie in to help kids remember how to build their lives on Jesus

It’s inexpensive, lightweight, easily manipulated, and paintable. And paint we did. Our teams cut and painted bricks, signs, Jeff McCullough, and barricades. We used it for our first aid and guests centers, a giant clock and left over pieces as tallies for our offering contest. We even used it to make a sign for outside the front of our church. When the rains came down and the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against that sign (multiple times) it did not fall, fade or crash!

vbs yard sign

Working on the yard sign. Sherwin Williams color to go quarts are also our VBS friend!

IMG_3761 Guest signage–oops forgot to paint that side!

Total cost for the week was about $80. Even better, each and every item we made can be used again making the deal even sweeter. We discovered this year that if we made paper lettering and attached it with spray adhesive, we could remove it without marring or marking.

IMG_4100 Insul-Board bricks frame the doorways

Whether you are from a small church or a large one, or you have a tight budget or financial freedom, it’s just good stewardship to find ways to put Kingdom money to Kingdom use the best ways possible, and insulation board is a wise way to do that.

IMG_3160 Group pics that doubled for a craft later.

I’m curious how you have use insulation board in your churches. If you have a creative idea, please share. If you have more questions about how to use this amazing stuff, just let me know.

Until then, be wise and keep building.


Our insul-board prayer cross.

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