Preschool Lighthouse Craft


We made these super cute Lighthouse Crafts last week with our preschoolers. They were pretty simple, plus the kids and parents both loved them. I got the idea from Pinterest–where else?–but the site they were connected to,–no longer exists.

Thankfully, these aren’t too hard to figure out on your own. Just in case, I’m including some directions as to how we made them.

Our preschool curriculum comes from Karyn Henley’s folder lessons. This month’s theme is “God is with Me in the Dark,” and this week’s lesson was about when God freed Peter from prison in the night.

Children learned that we don’t have to be scared in the dark or at night, because we know that God is always with us. He’s our Lighthouse!

Here’s how we made our lighthouses:

Before Sunday:

  1. We purchased cups, medical tape and battery operated tea lights.
  2. We gathered black paper and glue dots.
  3. We put strips of tape on the solo cups.
  4. We cut the black paper into circles, rectangles and squares for the ceiling, doors and windows.
  5. We put the glue dots on the paper for the kids. (Be sure you don’t take off the backing when you do this, the kids will do that when they make the craft.)

Then on Sunday:

  1. Give each child a solo cup with tape and enough black paper to decorate their lighthouse. Help them put these on as needed.
  2. Place the label on the back of the cup.
  3. Remove the little plastic battery thing from the tea light and show the children how to turn their candle on.
  4. Put the candle on the top of the solo cup and cover with the clear cup.
  5. Turn off the lights and let your lights shine!

Our label said, “God in heaven is my light and I can trust Him day and night.” But you can make yours say whatever you want or use a memory verse, etc.


Have fun with the craft and we are praying that God is your lighthouse, guide and ever-present help in times of darkness.

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