What If We Could Change the World?

10-15-14  Dawn
We can. We do. We will. We are changing the world right now.

No doubt, we’ve heard it before, but I believe we need to hear it again and we need to hear it often.

We make a difference. We influence. With each step we take and each word we say, life changes. It may not seem like it, but it does.

We leave a mark, be it ever so tiny, for good or for bad. It may last just a minute or it may last forever.

Whether it is through what we do or don’t do, we are making a difference.
So make we need to make that difference count.

As a children’s ministry leader, I know with every fiber of my being, that the world is changing exponentially for our children.

And we are part of that change.

In the things we say or the things we don’t say; teach or don’t teach.

In the time we give or don’t give.

In the priorities we choose or the things we choose not to prioritize.

What we do may seem small to some, but we are changing the world, and this knowledge allows us to press on knowing that as a part of God’s Kingdom, each small thing we do is part of something BIG, something powerful, and something eternal.

What will you change today?

The Mystery of Change–Thankful Thursday

we will not all sleep

There’s been a lot of talk lately around where I live about change. Change, as I’m sure many of you know is a very delicate subject. Some change is easy. We change the channel, we change our minds, we change our clothes (although we may not want to change our style of clothes–enter Stacy and Clinton).

Other change is not so easy–like where we live or work or go to church.

So I’ve been thinking about this lately and have decided that I’m thankful for change. I’m thankful that God changed me. I’m thankful that from childhood I’ve had opportunities to change where I live meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I’m thankful to live where there are changes in seasons. I’m thankful for job changes I’ve had through the years, and I’m thankful for the way God has and will continue to change my thinking as I grow and mature.

And I’m especially thankful for the hope and promise of change to come. I’m thankful that I can be reminded that change is the goal.

“Listen, I tell you a mystery, we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed–in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed!” I Corinthians 15:51-52

That’s a change I’m looking forward to. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen, or exactly what it’s going to look like, but I do know that the One who never changes is keeping His promise to do a mighty change in us for all eternity! Maybe soon. I sure hope so!