Today as I work on planning for the weekend services, I am working on finding creative ways to “engage” the children our teams minister to. That word engage pops up everywhere. We need to be “engaging” our babies, our toddlers and preschoolers, our elementary students and of course, the junior and senior highers need to be kept “engaged ” as well. Then there are the adults, they need to be engaged. After all, if we aren’t engaging people, they won’t come, or if they come, they won’t stay. So we search for videos, games, songs, crafts, graphics and methods to keep them entertained and “engaged.”

So what, exactly does it mean these days to engage someone? Well, it could mean some of the following:

  • To occupy the attention or efforts of someone
  • To attract and hold fast
  • To attract or please
  • To bind, as by pledge, promise, contract or oath

As I read through these definitions I’m quickly reminded that I am called to be engaging God. It’s His attention I desire. It’s Him I live to please, and it’s Him I pledged, promised and made an oath to give first priority and all allegiance to.

So as I continue on with my planning for today, I will still be looking for ways to hold the attention of our young students, but I will do so while engaging the One who created them and knows them best. The One who desires for them to know Him and who longs for them to bind their hearts to His. Because at the very core, it’s not our church or our programs we want to attract them too. Plain and simple. . . It’s Him.