How Do You Eat An Elephant?–Dadderdays


Before retirement, a friend of mine was a teacher and school administrator. When his students were faced with what seemed to them to be an overwhelming challenge, they would tell him that they couldn’t do it–it was impossible, and he would ask them this question, “How do you eat an elephant?”

Perplexed, they would give him the, “I have no idea,” look and after many wrong guesses, he would tell them, “One bite at a time.”

Today I was reminded of these words as I was listening to a Mark Driscoll podcast entitled, “Kiss the Feet,” where Driscoll explained that when he first became a Christian he asked a pastor what he should do now that he had made his decision. The pastor told him to go home and read the Bible–which Driscoll did. When he finished, he went back and asked what the pastor what he should do next.

The pastor told him to choose a book of the Bible and begin to study it. Read the book, read about the book, ask questions, and figure it out. Driscoll did just that. When he finished his first study, the pastor told him to keep doing that until he died. Good advice.

Reading and studying the Bible often seems to be a task equivalent to eating an elephant. I mean, really where do you start. I think my friend has the right idea–one bite at a time.

Bible study begins well, it begins with a beginning. Like any daunting task, you just have to start, and then you keep going.

Dads, if Bible reading and Bible study are a challenge for you, today I want to encourage you to rise to that challenge. The Word of God will change your life. It will change your family. It will change your children, and your children are looking for and are hungry for a dad who will lead them and guide them in the ways they should go.

dad and bible

It may not be easy for you at first, and you may have to admit that there is some stuff you don’t know. You may want to give up. But, please don’t. It will most likely lead you to places, decisions and experiences you never imagined, allowing you, your family and even those in your circle of influence to know God in new and deeper ways. As you seek out His Word and His heart, the chances that your children will grow up to do the same increase exponentially.

So take the challenge-one bite at a time, (or one book at a time), and have a great Dadderday today and in all your Dadderdays to come.

On Target–Tiny Tot Tuesday

Snow Painting with Food Coloring-2

Blizzard in the house. Well, maybe that’s a little extreme! There’s actually no snow in the house at all, and it’s really just a major snow storm and not a blizzard (at least where I live). But the storm will pass before we know it and all that will be left is a blanket of the beautiful white stuff . . . well, maybe!

It just may be that you and your tiny tots can go outside and paint the town (or the snow) red (or any color you want) by just gathering up some spray bottles, water and a little food coloring.

Snow painting is a favorite not just with little ones, but big ones as well. I love it because it is super inexpensive and the payback is huge. By just adding about 10 drops of food coloring to your bottle you can transform your yard into a winter wonderland of another kind. Your kids will love spray painting trees, bushes, snow men, mailboxes. . . whatever it is that is covered with snow in your yard.

As you create, it’s a great time to talk about all the things God created. (Won’t apologize for using every moment to teach our kids about our awesome Creator!) Because even more than teaching kids to be creative and inspired and express themselves, our target is to teach them about the ONE who created, inspires and expresses His love for us every moment of every day.

Teaching kids, even from their tiniest of tot days, is the target we are aiming for–to know God, to love God and to trust God is our main objective. The fact that we can do it in cool, fun ways, well, that’s just the paint on the snow!

I hope to add some of my snow paintings once the snow stops. I’d love to see yours, too!