This Crazy Little Thing Called Love–Freaky Friday


I haven’t done a freaky Friday post in quite awhile. Actually haven’t done any posting in awhile. I guess with the son’s wedding, holidays and, oh yeah, complete and utter exhaustion; I rightfully gave some things a rest in life. Blogging was one of them.

But now, slowly and surely, it’s coming back and today seemed like the perfect day to start again. . .

Why? Well, because it’s Friday and I was reading in Corinthians–Chapter 13: The “LOVE” Chapter. I am always a bit convicted when I read the words Paul penned there, because, well, because this kind of love, and our kind of love just don’t always match up. In fact, there are some pretty freaky differences. And so the Holy Spirit powered lightbulb in my brain went off that said, “You might want to write these things down so you don’t forget what I’m about to say to you.”

Ok, so maybe if I have talking lightbulbs in my head I still need a bit more rest. Either that, or this is actually a pretty good post for a Freaky Friday.

Anyhow, while reading, I did what I usually do when reading these verses and sort of charted out what the Bible says love is and love isn’t.

For example:

Love is:
Other Centered

Love isn’t:
Self Seeking
Easily Angered

and . . . Love keeps no records of wrongs
(which just doesn’t seem to fit in either category so it gets its own spot)

I thought about leaving that last one out. It doesn’t really fit in the chart anyway. I sort of figured that I’m doing pretty well in most of the other areas, and honestly, I am not a grudge holder. Sometimes I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have a terrible memory of any kind. After all, you can’t hold a grudge when you don’t even remember what happened, y’know what I mean?

I wrote it down anyway. Then I went back over the list.

And in reading through it again, God helped me to realize that there is one person, (and this is funny, it’s a person I don’t even really know), that I have allowed to get under my skin. I’m not sure why. Well, yes I am. Because I haven’t chosen to love them, or think loving thoughts about them or consider the things they have surely done well, right and good. I have chosen to keep a record of how I believe they wronged me, and have chosen to dwell on those thoughts instead.

Of course this person, whom I will probably never see again in my whole life, has NO IDEA that I am upset with them or that I have a list of things about them that I believe they did that hurt me. But I know–well, at least I do now. And so now I must choose.

I must choose to get a little freaky and throw my mental list away. Gone, goodbye, adios, in the trash it must go. Because if I don’t choose to do that, well, then. . . seriously, well, then, I know that I have gained nothing, and am nothing but a big clanging cymbal in what should be God’s perfect symphony of love.

So today, I’m giving it to God, and I will do my best not to take it back. Because this crazy little thing called love changes me, changes us, and can change the world, when we choose to live it out in the completely unworldly way God intended us to do.

Maybe you need to get a little “freaky” this Friday. If so, take the time to sit down and choose to allow God to continue to mold and shape you to be more like Him. Because this crazy little thing called love isn’t a little thing at all.

From Vile to Smile

King David wrote Psalm 101:2-3 I will be careful to live a blamess life. . . I will walk in my house with a blameless heart. I will set before my eyes no vile thing.

vile   /vaɪl/ Show Spelled[vahyl] Show IPA adjective, vil·er, vil·est. 1. wretchedly bad: a vile humor. 2. highly offensive, unpleasant, or objectionable: vile slander. 3. morally debased, depraved, or despicable: vile deeds. 4. foul; filthy: vile language.

I am convicted today that I could not write the same thing, am amazed at how complacent I allow myself to become sometimes over mindless entertainment. I’m not a big watcher of vileness. But yet every now and then–like when I allow God to show me, I realize what in the world I settle for, and that I am every bit as debased as I see those who have created or produced the show to be. Man, it makes me sad to think how lost we can all become. . . . Yet. . . . Isaiah wrote Isaiah 43:25 for God, “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” So thankful for a God who shows me where I’m wrong and has the ability to make me right again. And man, that makes me glad. . . . . Praise the God who can take me from vile to a smile!!