Well, Slap Me Upside the Head–Freaky Friday


Ever said these words?

“God just needs to slap me upside the head sometimes.”

I know I have, and although I don’t necessarily like it when He does, I’m always thankful. I know He will only use the “slap me upside the head” method when I have been unwilling to listen or get what He’s trying to tell me any other way. I know He does it because He loves me too much to let me keep walking in my sin.

Apparantly David understood that, too, and he also understood that God often uses someone else to do the slappin’ because in Psalm 141 verse 5 David says,

“Let a righteous man slap me–that is a kindness; let him rebuke me–that is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it.”

Love, love, love that David, yeah King David, was willing to be taught and rebuked–even in some pretty drastic ways so that He wouldn’t walk in the way of the wicked. Extreme. Freaky. Courageous. Honorable. Honest. David.

David got slapped once. A prophet named Nathan had to do the slapping. But it changed David’s life, and it shows us today that following God doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, it means we have to be repentant. When I take those words to heart, it changes my life, too.

Extreme. Freaky. Courageous. Honorable. Honest. God.


Scissors, Buckets, Grace–Word Up Wednesday

grace on green notepad2
God is so cool. He uses the most unexpected ways to get our attention. Apparently, He knew I needed a reminder in grace, and then felt Him urging me to write the lesson down so I wouldn’t forget it. I had the opportunity to share my experience in a column written by area clergy for our local paper, and I wanted to kind of “preserve” it here, too. Read on for what Paul Harvey would have called, “the rest of the story.”

“Last week our Wednesday night children’s program, KidZRocK was having some special Easter programming for the kids. A list maker at heart, I was busy jotting things down on my oversized neon green post it notes. My list included things like jelly beans, song list, bingo, jute rope, craft squares, glue, markers and eggs–lots and lots of egg!

Also on that list were the following three things: scissors, buckets, and grace. As I looked at my list I was a bit befuddled, “Grace? Grace?” What in the world was grace on the list for? As the “ah-ha” moment hit me, I realized “grace” was supposed to be “grass,” meaning the tote full of Easter grass I had for the buckets, which was, of course, for the eggs.

I had to laugh out loud at God’s awesome creativity in reminding me that in the midst of busy days filled with work, ministry, family and other life commitments that what I truly need on my to-do list every day is grace. Grace, that simple concept of treating others better than they deserve needs to be part of my day–every day. Surely, when planning an event, more than scissors, and more than buckets–more than anything else I may put on a list, I need grace, and I need to extend grace.

When Jesus went to the cross, and when He rose from the dead, conquering sin–my sin, He loved me and treated me better than I deserve. In fact, He treated me better than I can ever deserve. So now, as I live out my life with love and thankfulness to Him, I’m intentionally, rather than accidentally, adding grace to my list of to-do’s today and every day.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

By the way, I’m saving the note on that note pad, well, at least the picture. The buckets on the list serve as another reminder that God will always fill my buckets to overflowing as long as I offer them to Him, and I continue to pour out into others. The scissors remind me of the promise that there is nothing that can cut out God’s love for me, and the grass grace reminds me that I need to let God’s grace grow in me like grass-lush, think and lovely.

Buckets, Scissors, Grace–God’s promises–Word Up!