Hannah Bars

Hannah Bars. Just the name of the delicious little treats gets our family smiling. Through the past several years we have shared the recipe with many folks (although I think they are most popular with our sons college friends) and everyone agrees–these things are “the bomb.” Yeah, I said it. “The bomb!” (I’m getting older, I can say stuff like that!)

We first discovered the bars about 8 years ago when our younger son had a little interest in a girl from a neighboring town. Around Christmas time, Hannah (that’s her name) made a platter of Christmas treats upon which were sitting the now infamous bars. With a delicious yellow cake bottom, chewy marshmallow filling and chocolately smooth, rice krispie crunchy topping, they are three great things in one handy package. We had literally never had anything like them. When we asked Hannah what they were called she told us she had no idea. Her family had just always made them, but they didn’t really have a name. They became from that day forth, “Hannah Bars.”

While Hannah and my son no longer date, they are great friends, and obviously, the relationship with the cookie bar is ongoing as well. They are often requested at our house when friends come over and just recently at our Ozark Christian College Student Annual Rib and Fruit Fest (a crazy litle meal we now share with some of our favorite college students) they were considered a necessary part of the celebration. Tonight the wife of one of Rib Fest friends messaged me to tell me she was trying her hand at her first panful. It’s part of their charm, you just can’t keep something so good to yourself. They are meant to be shared, and passed on to others. Of course, as good as they are, it seems that telling their story is often as good as the treat itself.

When I think of “our” Hannah bars, of course I think of Hannah, who is much like the treats she helped us discover. This delightful young woman is a great combination of some of my favorite things. She is compassionate, kind, and comforting, yet she also has a little “snap, crackle, pop” to her. . .AND she is passionate about sharing her baked goods and. . . Jesus! So as I share with you today the story of Hannah Bars, and a little bit about the young woman who brings their inspiration, I think about Jesus. For He is the ultimate in “all things good” and the most important thing I could ever share. And I love how He can move my heart and my hunger from a bar cookie to Him in just an instant. For He is the One who satisfies and He is the One I need to share like a good recipe from a dear friend.

Speaking of which. . . .
Want to see a picture? I’ll go back and add one as soon as I can keep them from being eaten long enough to get one taken!
Want the recipe?? Leave a post and I’ll be happy to share the goodness with you. The goodness of Jesus and Hannah Bars.