Does Your Children’s Ministry Got “Cred?”

Does Your Children's Ministry
Coming from a small town in Iowa, “cred” is not a word I use often. But I think I’m going to start using it more.

Defined as the quality of being believable or worthy of respect, especially within a particular social, professional, or other group, our level of “cred” is more important than ever as we face those who doubt our sincerity from inside and outside the walls of the church.

As we look at our ministries, it is imperative that we continually check in with the Lord to be sure that what we are doing is on track with what He is doing, and what He wants us to do. Otherwise, it’s all in vain and we lose our “cred.”

We lose it with our kids, our families, and the culture around us.

Karl Bastian, founder of Kidology, published an ebook called, The Kidology Way: The Four Pillars of Children’s Ministry, and although he didn’t use the term “cred,” it’s definitely there.

As we form our vision, mission and purposes for our children’s ministries, we are wise to include a healthy dose of Biblical “cred” along the way in the following ways.

C–Child focused. Is what we are doing, done in a way that kids can relate to and understand? We have to use the words they understand, the way they understand them so that they truth and heart of Jesus’ words can transform their lives.

R–Relational. Children’s ministry has to take place in more than just the church. Home visits, bleaching sitting, trips and fun days speak into a child’s heart and say, “I love you even outside of the church,” and “I care about you and what you care about.” We have to get away from our desks and out of our rooms and walk like Jesus walked.

E–Evangelistic. The message of Jesus needs to be shared, and often. Continuing to present the gospel not only allows a child to hear it and respond, but it helps prepare them to know how to share it with others. You’ve heard it said, “More is caught than taught,” and this certainly rings true in the how children learn to share their faith.

D–Discipleship Driven. We can be tempted to forget the steps that come after conversion. Solid teaching and opportunities for children to discover, worship, serve, give and share must be part of what we do on a regular basis as they grow to follow Jesus forever.

As we intentionally keep what Karl calls “the Four Pillars” at the heart of our ministries, our children will be building their lives on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ and He’s really all the “cred” we need!

So how ’bout your ministry? Got C.R.E.D.??


That’s the Goal–Setting Goals That Keep Us Moving Forward


I didn’t used to be a goal setter, and I have to admit that I don’t always love the process, but I do love the results. I love the forward motion, seeing progress happen, and knowing that a difference is being made.

Today I am finishing up some staff and children’s ministry goals and it brought my mind back to this post I wrote a couple of years ago when the whole goal setting process was much newer for me.

If you are new to the whole goal setting thing, let me be the first or second or third to encourage you to stick with it, find some one to hold you accountable and don’t be afraid to be a little specific and put a completion time on whatever it is you are working towards.

Thank you Karl Bastian and Kidology. Thanks, Todd McKeever for encouraging me through coaching to stick with it. Thanks husband dear for letting me glean from your expertise and thank you, Jesus, for guiding to me the goals that You would have me accomplish for your Kingdom.

Kidology–Thankful Thursday


What’s Kidology? Kidology is a nonprofit ministry started by Karl Bastian, aka “The Kidologist” encouraging and equipping those who serve in children’s ministry, whether paid or on a volunteer basis. Their site is filled with resources and ideas for lessons, games, crafts, holiday ideas, power points, gospel magic, puppetry, devotionals and more. There are online forums where people just like you can ask and answer ministry questions to help more effectively reach the kids in your own backyard. Ideas used by everyday people in everyday churches like yours.

About two years ago, I deepened my relationship with Kidology at Children’s Pastor’s Conference I attended. That meeting led to my entering into the world of Kidology coaching with my now friend and coach, Todd McKeever. Kidology coaching has helped me sharpen not just my ministry skills, but my leadership skills as well. Todd and I tackle everything from nursery wall colors to goal setting and task management to volunteer training to blog writing.

It is refreshing to see an organization so dedicated not just to children’s ministry, but to those who minister to children in the church, school or home setting. Many of their resources are free, yet even for those which require a fee, their costs are consistently low, and they do their best to see that any leader with a real need, yet a real lack of resources will never do without.

You can find Kidology at and Karl at He has even taken ministry to the next level by joining Pinterest! My coach Todd McKeever keeps me up to date on the latest Kidmin leadership and tech tools at his blog Todd’s latest post on creating object lessons could be just the thing you’ll be thankful for as you prepare your next lesson!

So thanks, Kidology, for all you are doing to help the Kingdom grow. This Thursday, and every Thursday, for that matter–I’m thankful for you!