Undefeated–Worship by Elevation Kids (EKids) Worship

elevation kids worship cd

Undefeated, Elevation Kids Worship’s new CD for children’s ministry is coming out on iTunes any day (like, probably tomorrow) , and I have to say I’m just a little excited.

Leading kids to worship through music is one of my all time top favorite things to do, and so I’m continually on the look out for great song of all kinds. HiSKidZ at our church sing old songs, new songs, fast songs, slow songs, silly songs, hymns, choruses and yes, even a little country, because we know that not every kid connects to the same kind of music.

We have a saying that goes something like,

“Everybody might not like every song, but there is a song for everybody to like.”

Elevation Kids has given us a sneak peek at two of their songs “I Am Yours” and  “Undefeated”,  with lyrics that say things like:

“Cuz I know who you say I am, and You say I am Yours.

It doesn’t matter what I feel in You I am secure

I will trust in You

Don’t have to worry anymore cuz I am Yours, I am Yours, I am Yours.”

Focusing kids on God, who He is, reminding us that we live by His truth over our feelings is a very rare song these days, and it makes my heart want to sing it out!

If your kids, leaders and parents are anything like mine, I think they will love these new songs. So spread the word and enjoy singing to the Lord a new song! (Psalm 96:1)

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to Elevation Kids and was not compensated for this review in any way. I just like their songs!

HiSKidZ Top Twelve Favorite Easter Songs

Our God is  risen and reigning and we're
It’s three weeks until Easter, and we are bustin’ out the Easter songs! Ok, to be completely honest with you, I’ve been singing them for awhile now, but this week we brought it to church!

HiSKidZ did an awesome job singing their hearts out to Fee’s “Rise and Sing” and as we finished, I mentioned how much I loved that song and considered it one of my favorite Easter songs.

“Easter songs?”

Their words and their faces both told me they had no idea what I was talking about, and it was then that I realized that although we had been singing Easter songs for years, we didn’t really talk about the fact that we were singing Easter songs.

Seein’ that Easter is a pretty big deal to Christians, and that we start singing Christmas songs in October, it’s really only fitting that we begin preparing the hearts and minds of the children of God for the celebration of the resurrection of our King, Jesus!

So, in case you are ready to jump on the Easter Carols bandwagon with me. Here are 12 of HiSKidZ favorite Easter songs:

1) Lord I Lift Your Name on High (Go Fish Guys)
2) Jesus is Alive Right Now (Kids on the Move)
3) Rise and Sing (Fee)
4) Take it All (Hillsong Kids)
5) Hosanna Rock (Yancy)
6) God So Loved (Hillsong Kids)
7) Celebrate Jesus (Jeff Moody)
8) Tell the World (Hillsong Kids)
9) Happy Day (reThink-Amber Sky Records)
10) Jesus is Alive (Promiseland Kids)
11) My God (Go Fish Guys)
12) My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong Kids)

What are your kids favorite Easter songs? I hope you will share, because your favorite may become our next favorite!

The above created art contains lyrics to Fee’s “Rise and Sing.”