Just Say “Uncle”–Thankful Thursday

uncle charlie logo

“Uncle Charlie” that is.

I already knew yesterday what I was going to be thankful for today. That’s because I received in the mail my big pack of worship CD’s from Charles Allen Bancroft, AKA “Uncle Charlie.” As I was loading them into the computer at church, I kept thinking, “I’m so thankful I got this!”

Known for his kids’ praise and worship music and videos, I am super stoked and completely thankful for his generosity in allowing the folks at http://www.only144.com (yes, I’m thankful for them, too) to offer his music, once again, at a price it’s just hard to say “no” to.

At Uncle Charlie’s website http://www.unclecharlie.com you can find worship music for purchase along with audio samples, MPEG samples, motion samples and any current specials, and if you type in something like Uncle Charlie worship songs on YouTube you will find a zillion songs your kids will love.

NOW. So if you have been looking for some great songs for your kids to sing along to at home, church or school, don’t delay. Check out Uncle Charlie and his kids praise music NOW.

Because your kids are going to love this. And you are going to love this. And they will definitely love to tell their friends about this. It may even lead them to loving Jesus a little bit more!

By putting God’s Word and God’s messages into kids’ hearts and minds, they can be transformed–which makes me very thankful!!


Yancy–Thankful Thursday

I have the great privilege of getting to lead Kids Worship at the church where I serve and at the Christian school we support. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Not only does music move me, but I love watching children grow in their passion for God through the songs that we sing. I love it when our parents tell us about how HiSKidZ are singing in the bathtub, minivan, when they wake up and as they go to bed. I love hearing their voices blending together in reckless abandon in praise to God.

Some of our favorite songs come from Yancy. I can’t remember when I first became familiar with her music, but I am thankful I did. Her upbeat style for both preteens and preschoolers are some of the best around. She’s led worship at CIY Superstart conferences for preteens, and currently travels leading worship for families, churches and conferences, blogging, writing and equipping and encouraging others in their ministries.

Yesterday we sang her songs from morning til night. “Shout!” with our olders and “Do Big Things,” with our youngers. My heart swelled as we sang together in the morning, “I’m gonna shout it out, that I love Jesus. Tell the world, that God is good . . .and shout out loud that GOD IS GOOD!” Then last night at our mid week program we belted out, “David was a kid like you and me, God helped him to do big things. . . .” I have to smile even now as I’m writing just thinking about the little faces smiling as they sang.

What else does she sing?? Well, glad you asked.

Some of her CD’s include:
Little Praise Party: My Best Friend
Little Praise Party: Happy Every Day
Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams
Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas
Rock-n-Happy Heart and
Rock-n-Happy Dance Party Remix

She’s also written a Rockin Happy Heart Devotional Book for preteen girls. You can find her songs on iTunes, and more about her through her webpage http://www.yancynotnancycom I’m sure if you take a few minutes to check out her stuff, you, and your kids, will be thankful you did!