5 Reasons I Love Easter in the Preschool Rooms

I love Easter. Love it.

Like Christmas, love it.

And so, I love to make the most of every opportunity to help our lil HiSKidZ see God’s Big Story about Jesus as we draw near to the holiday that is truly a Holy-Day.

Along with 5 reasons I love Easter in the preschool  5 (or more) ways we helped lil HiSKidZ at our church learn about and love Easter, too!


1–We share things we know they won’t completely understand.

We know preschoolers won’t completely understand everything about Easter. But y’know what? Neither did the grown men who walked with Jesus. This month we taught that Jesus loved his friends so much that He tried to explain everything that was going to happen. He told them that He was going to go to Jerusalem, He was going to die and He was going to come back to life. They didn’t really understand at the time, but they would later, and it would mean A LOT when they realized He cared enough to try to explain it them.

Our lil HiSKidZ made this place mat to use at home so that just like Jesus’ Bible friends, He would be helping them understand what Easter is all about. It was so easy for them to just glue the pieces on, and then work with our leaders to watch the laminator do the magic!! (Kids love laminating!)


zaccheus tree  zaccheus snack

2–We teach God loves everyone no matter how small, no matter what they’ve done.

Next, we taught about Zacchaeus. Because on His way to Jerusalem, Jesus met this now infamous man and changed his life forever. Jesus showed us again that He loves everyone–no matter how small and no matter what they’ve done–and that only He has the power to save them and forgive their sins.

We made the fun snack, (Twix bars, Rice Krispie Treats and Teddy Grahams) and our little ones made the craft! In case you needed to know one more thing you can do with a paper towel roll, try making a sycamore tree! Zacchaeus climbs up the tree to see Jesus and when Jesus stops by, down he comes.

donkey and handprint palm branches    donut hole guys

3–We celebrate Palm Sunday.

This week we will reenact Palm Sunday complete with Jesus in, not on, a donkey and our own interpretation of “palm” branches! You can make a million kinds of animals out of boxes, and be sure to hit up your local home stores for paint sticks–they are great for so many fun things.

My favorite thing this month has been our snack for this week. I saw this idea made with real rocks, (but not for a snack, obviously) which made me think of the verse from the Palm Sunday story where Jesus says that if the people stop praising the rocks will cry out. So, donut holes, candy eyes, some toothpicks, little flags and Hosanna! We are rocking the snack this week!!

palm branches

4–We get to have real Palm Branches.

As part of Palm Sunday, we always buy Palm Branches! And, yes, I think they should be capitalized. We get them for HiSKidZ of all ages, and they all love them. Several years ago, I almost stopped. I’m not sure why. Maybe they seemed old-fashioned, maybe I wasn’t sure if the kids liked them.

But, then, one of our 5th grade boys commented the week before Palm Sunday, “Next week is Palm Sunday! I love Palm Sunday! We always get those Palm Branches and we get to act like we were there.” ‘Nuff said. I’ve been buying them ever since. When a 5th grade boy tells you that Palm Branches have become a spiritual marker in his life, you buy them forever!

We live in midwest, and our palms aren’t always the best, but this year they are so green, I can’t wait for the kids to see them.

angel owl   IMG_3057

5–The angel rolled the stone away, and Jesus is alive!

Like I said, I love Easter Sunday. I love saying, “He is Risen. He is Risen, Indeed!” I love singing Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate, Rise and Sing, and Jesus is Alive Right Now with our bigs and Hosanna, 1-2-3 and Jesus is Alive with our littles. I love the power of the day, and the reason we celebrate. I love how God moves as we share who He is and what He has done.

One of the above angel bags will be our craft on Easter Sunday. I’ll let you guess which one!

The picture on the left represents one attempt at an angel bag. I know it looks like a bird–a very surprised bird, but it is an angel. The bag on the right, thankfully, was created by one of our amazing volunteers so our kids don’t think angels are owls, and so their parents will let the come back to church with us!!

What do you love about Easter in your preschool rooms?




What Did He Die For?–Freaky Friday

good friday
I wrote this post last week, but found that I just wasn’t ready to post. Even today, every time I think about areas of my life where I can be unwilling to recognize my sin for sin, where I resist the urgings of the Holy Spirit I feel like I’d rather just move this post to the draft pile and forget about it. Yet, that is exactly what I believe Satan wants us to do–ignore our sin, bury it, deny it, disregard it–do any thing but admit it and lay it at the cross. So today I post anyway. Take that you, devil, you.”

Today is a freaky Friday, indeed. There’s been a lot of clamor around this week about rights, discrimination, sin, judgments and what not. I have to admit I’m struggling. In fact, as I sit here typing I find myself on the verge of tears when I think about where we are as a country and as the church.

I was seriously blown away by the number of Christians who are choosing to accept immorality as morality. Right now, I am talking about sexual immorality, but it’s more than just that. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Somewhere along the line, we decided that what used to be wrong just isn’t any more.

We’ve decided that gratuitous violence, some forms of murder, witchcraft, sorcery, profanity, vulgarity, and sexual innuendo are our cultural norm. I can’t quite tell what we think of adultery anymore. I think we think it’s wrong when it happens to us or someone we love, but otherswise, it is perhaps a sign of our times and we are supposed to accept it and learn to deal with it. Lack of respect for authority is prevalent, and we celebrate greed and materialism.

Is it our move to tolerance? Or are we simply, like Romans 1 says, becoming fools in our claims to be wise?

But here’s the freaky thing about today. Good Friday. On the day we set aside to remember Christ’s entry to Jerusalem where He spent His last days before willingly surrendering His life for our sin, we seem to have decided there is no sin anymore.

And if that is true, then why did He go? Why did He die? Y’know? I mean, He died for our sin, but if there is no sin, then His death was in vain. I know we know better, and I know He did not die in vain, and I know it just amplifies His love for us even more, that not only while were sinners did He did for us, but while we didn’t even know we were sinners, Christ died for us.

But how did we get to the place where we think we get to decide what is sin and what isn’t? How did we reach this level of pride?

And how can we go on day after day acting like we are doing nothing wrong?

I mean, seriously, how can celebrate His power over sins we don’t even acknowledge it exists? And how can we pick and choose to embrace certain promises, Scriptures and claims yet throw others out? And what about these equal signs? As believers, didn’t we, when choosing to follow Christ, lay down our rights? Didn’t we agree that we would suffer for the cause of Christ. That we would follow Him no matter how the world treats us? Didn’t we agree to rejoice if we were persecuted for doing good? And do we, as Americans, even know yet, what real persecution is? The Romans 8 “trouble, hardship, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger or sword because of my faith” kind of trouble?

It feels to me, that this year, unlike any other I can remember experiencing that we are very much like those who lived in the days of Jesus shouting “Hosanna!” one day and “Crucify!” less than a week later. And for me, that makes this a very Freaky Friday, indeed.