Pretty Woman–Mama Mia Monday

I never want to be a basher of people. There is just no good that can come from a hateful spirit. I was reminded of just that the other night as I was surfing through the channels and landed at Dance Moms. There simply isn’t enough room to go into what is wrong with this show. And I don’t want to bash it . . . but I can share my observations. I can share my thoughts, my feelings, and my ideas. After all, it’s my blog!!

Honestly, I saw what appeared to be some fairly sweet little girls. No diva-ish behavior or the throwing of tantrums or whatnot. Wait! Let me reword that. None of the girls were being divas or throwing tantrums, but the women. . . .

Mama Mia!

It was simply sad to see so many beautiful, well dressed, well groomed women acting so ugly. And that’s all this mama’s got to say about that.

Because at the same time I was watching the debacle before my eyes, (and, yes, I did wind up turning it off–I know, I know, I don’t have to watch it!) I was doing my multi-tasking, time wasting American duty to also surf through my Facebook page. What I found there was the picture of a lady named Peggy Doty. Underneath the picture were the words, “Pretty Woman.”

Peggy and her husband, Melvin, were our young couples’ Sunday school class teachers back when we lived in eastern Tennessee. They also served in the nursery at our church, watching over our most precious possessions. Peggy is without a doubt, not just a pretty woman, but a beautiful woman–inside and out. I remember her grace, generosity, kindness, love and patience like it was yesterday (but trust me it wasn’t), and after seeing her picture posted, I can only believe that she is still all those things.

Just in case your mind is now playing the “Pretty Woman” song or you are thinking about Julia Roberts in the movie, you need to know Peggy isn’t any Roy Orbison, Julia Roberts kind of pretty woman (although I would take Julia Robert’s character over the women on Dance Moms). She’s a Proverbs 31, noble character, need tendin’, wisdom speakin’, God fearin’ kind of pretty woman. The kind of woman we should be dancin’ about!

Mama Mia!

When did we lose sight of what pretty really is? When did the things modeled to us on television like success, achievement, and the top of the pyramid become the things we set our sights on rather than the things modeled to us by the Peggy Doty’s of the world?

I hope all our daughters learn to dance. I just hope they learn to a different dance–one that reflects the true beauty of a pretty woman.

Just a side note. . . I don’t yet have permission to post a picture of Peggy, but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to add it in. As I went back to her FB page I realized that she has moved into my state just a few hours away, and I’m overwhelmed with excitement at the possibility of getting to see this oh-so-pretty woman again!