Giving Thanks It’s Rightful Place…mat


Sorry November Christmas lovers, Christmas isn’t until December, and it just drives me crazy when we plow right by Thanksgiving in our quest for all being calm and bright, merry and white.

So for those of you who join me in my attempt to preserve the pilgrim holiday, here’s a fun idea you can do with your tiny tots to give thanks, and Thanksgiving, its rightful place in our holiday celebrations. Try making these Thanksgiving placemats that can be used all month to help center your family on all the things they can be thankful for. (I only had my Children’s Ministry magazine when I made mine, so it’s a little limited. Oh, well, onward we go. . . .)

What do you need?

Glad you asked.

Paper, magazines, glue sticks, markers and either clear contact paper or a laminator–cold or hot will do.

Give the paper a little heading of some kind.

I stayed pretty low key with the simple, “I’m thankful for. . ”

Let your kids cut out pictures of things they are thankful for and glue them on to the paper. Or they could draw things or they could use pictures. For those of you who are really into crafting, grab the glitter and your little foam stickers and let the kids embellish away!

Seal the paper with the contact paper or laminating sheets.

Ta-da! You are one crafty mom, gramma, Sunday school teacher, small group leader, neighbor, aunt, uncle. . . . .

What a simple way to be reminded all month long of just a few of the things that you are thankful for.

And for those of you who just can’t help but be in the Christmas zone, why not have your kids make these for some of the people they are thankful for. Just include pictures of things that remind them of why they are thankful for that person and give them as gifts!

Smart. Tiny Tots giving the gift of thanks–I love it. Have a fun Tiny Tot Tuesday with the little ones you are thankful for!

Thankful for a Change–Teaching Thankfulness to our Tiny Tots

clip art leaves


Facebook explodes in November with daily postings of thankfulness, and I, for one, love it! I love reading the things my friends are thankful for in their lives, and I really appreciate taking time to stop and think about all I am truly thankful for. So why keep the fun all to ourselves?? Why not share it with our children? After all, like the changing of the colors of the leaves, a thankful heart is a beautiful and welcome change from everyday life.

Here’s something really, really simple you can do with your kids this month to help them focus on all they have, more than all they may want. (Christmas lists are out already, yikes!)

SImply trace your child’s hand and forearm to make the  trunk and branches of a tree. Doesn’t matter if you use brown paper or white and let your kids color it brown. Then trace out some leaves like those above. Again, you can use colored paper or just use the white stuff you have in the printer and color and cut away.

Or if you are one of the Cricut people (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that–I love my Cricut friends, they make me look good, I just don’t have one myself) go to town cricutting some leaves.

Find a place to stick your tree up–I’m thinking the fridge, but it may be a door or a bedroom wall. . . .

Then everyday have your children write something they are thankful for, or they can tell you something and you can write it, and place your leaves either on the tree or at the base of the tree or cascading gently down from the tree.

If your kids are like mine were, there will be days when they will want to share more than one thankful thought–Awesome!!! Let ’em go for it! Because a thankful heart changes us, it makes us beautiful and a joy to be around. It helps us to remember what we have and how blessed we are.

So have some fun with your tiny tots this fall and be thankful for a change in them, in you and in those around you.

Afterall, ’tis the season!