Three Ways Going P.R.O. Helps Kids Grow Spiritually

helping kids go pro

To really grow, we have to let God work inside of us. I mean, we can try to do it on our own, and we can try with all our might, but in reality, it must be God who moves and works in us to bring about change.

To help kids to learn to rely on Jesus to help them grow spiritually rather than striving to “be good” on their own, teach them to go “PRO” by using these three simple concepts based on the acronym PRO.

1) Pray—Begin by asking God to seek your heart and show you where He wants to work. As He reveals any areas that may need to change, confess them to Him and . . .

2) Repent—More than just changing our actions, repentance involves a change of mind trusting God’s way over ours. True repentance is the action that shows a change of our hearts and minds from our way to God’s way which means we will. . .

3) Obey—We want our kids to learn that in order to grow we have to obey God’s will and follow His Spirit and His ways. Spiritual growth will come when as our hearts learn that obedience is a gift of love and should be the first choice of those who belong to Jesus.

We all know that few of our students will go pro in their favorite sport, but by using a phrase they already relate to, we can help them learn through prayer, repentance and obedience how to go pro in their spiritual growth with the Lord.

Well, Slap Me Upside the Head–Freaky Friday


Ever said these words?

“God just needs to slap me upside the head sometimes.”

I know I have, and although I don’t necessarily like it when He does, I’m always thankful. I know He will only use the “slap me upside the head” method when I have been unwilling to listen or get what He’s trying to tell me any other way. I know He does it because He loves me too much to let me keep walking in my sin.

Apparantly David understood that, too, and he also understood that God often uses someone else to do the slappin’ because in Psalm 141 verse 5 David says,

“Let a righteous man slap me–that is a kindness; let him rebuke me–that is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it.”

Love, love, love that David, yeah King David, was willing to be taught and rebuked–even in some pretty drastic ways so that He wouldn’t walk in the way of the wicked. Extreme. Freaky. Courageous. Honorable. Honest. David.

David got slapped once. A prophet named Nathan had to do the slapping. But it changed David’s life, and it shows us today that following God doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, it means we have to be repentant. When I take those words to heart, it changes my life, too.

Extreme. Freaky. Courageous. Honorable. Honest. God.

My Repent Button

I learned something new this week. It had to do with the repent button in my car. Well, at least that’s what I always called it. You know that button or knob in your vehicle that has a picture of a car with a little arrow making a 180? Apparently it isn’t actually called a repent button; it’s more like a refresh button, yet those two things are a little more alike that you might realize.

Recent weather in our area is, how would you say it?. . . Super hot. . . Record breaking hot. . . “I want to be sure I’m right with Jesus, hot.” As a result, even with the air on, I’ve actually been a little warm in my car—which is saying a lot, since I normally wear a hoodie indoors when the air is on during the summer and have even been known to bring a blanket to staff meetings at the church where I work.

On this day, my husband and I were traveling together when I mentioned this to him, and he said something like, “Well, hit the refresh button.”

I replied, “What button is that?”

He calmly pressed the little button shown in the picture above.

And I said with all sincerity, “You mean the repent button? What’s it going to do?”

“What??” He began to laugh. “What did you call it?”

“The repent button. Y’know, it has the little repent sign on it.”

Now what Tim didn’t realize is that I often teach a lesson on repentance where my repent symbol looks pretty much like that button. The students I teach know that symbol means you do a 180 with your life and turn from sin and turn to God. So whenever I see that symbol in a car, I always think repentance rather than cool air. Makes sense to me.

But, I can tell you it’s a shame I never knew what that button really did, or never felt the need to try it out or never took the time to look up what it was used for, because I have been missing out. You see that day when Tim pushed that little button–KAPOW! –wonderful, cool refreshing air came pouring out of my vents, and I breathed it into my soul. Woohoo! It was glorious, and I found I wanted more. In fact, as I now seek relief from each blistering hot day, I am finding it in this simplest of things–my repent button!!!

And lately when I press that wonderful little gift from God, I can’t stop thinking about God’s gift through repentance, and how it is actually a little bit like that button in my car. Don’t believe me? Check out Acts 3:19

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.

When I 180 myself away from my sin and turn to God, He wipes out my sin and I find myself refreshed and renewed. When I tap into His power, the heat of my sin is taken away and I am changed—completely—no sweat.

So now I find myself thinking that a lot of people live with their sin like I have with my air. . . with the answer to their problem right at their fingertips; they just don’t know it. They continue on, not even knowing relief is possible. But if someone who cares tells them about the repent button, well, then there is hope.

Wanna really do something cool? Tell someone about the refreshing that has come from repentance in your life.