Mama Mia Monday–Hide it in Your Heart

I’m trying to shake things up with the blog here lately. So, at least for a little while, each day of the week  will have it’s own theme. My thought process here is that it will keep me blogging more, and that the things I blog will become a bit more compartmentalized beyond all the tagging and labeling, etc. So Mondays have become Mama Mia Mondays, filled with a tasty tidbit of something for each of the Mamas who read. (Dad’s may like it, too, but it’s really for moms!)

So we are jumping right in today with a topic that has been on my heart for sometime. Scripture memorization. Truth–I stink at it. I’m much better at Scripture paraphrazation. I generally remember the gist of a verse, enough to google it and get the whole thing. Or I have memorized where it is in my Bible (like “I know it’s near the middle somewhere on the left hand column of the right side of one of the pages.”) But ultimately getting it to really stick in my brain is really hard for me.

And of course, anything that is hard we are allowed to just skip over, right? WRONG! Often in my mothering, I like to treat myself like I would treat our sons. And I would not let them get away with just not doing something because it’s hard. We tackle hard things. We embrace challenge (often with a Diet Coke and some Dove Chocolate in hand). We jump the hurdles and we finish the race marked out for us.

It’s almost February y’know–The month of LOVE!!! So  let’s ask God to give us a love for His Word, to give our kids a love for His Word, and to begin to make intentional strides to memorizing, not just paraphrizing, His Word.

I found a great little site with free Scripture printables. There are tons of these kind of sites out there, where you can find fun artwork to blast around your house, keeping the verse you are working on in front of you in style! Here’s a free printable I got recently–it’s always been a favorite prayer verse of mine.


I also picked up a CD of Scripture songs by the Justin Graves Band last week when I was at the Children’s Ministry Expo.


And I’m looking really closely at a program from Impress Kids to help our families in the Memorization Adventure Journey!


There are so many ways to start getting God’s Word into our hearts, heads, spirits and souls. Post it notes, apps, drawings, songs, etc.

What great resource are you using right now to put God Word into your life and the life of your kids? Or what struggles do you face as you try to hide God’s Word in your heart?

I’d love to hear what you are doing at home for yourself, with your kids or in your church. Post below or drop me a note letting me know what’s working for you!