Out Of This World

Tim and I were watching a little TV last night after he got home from basketball and whatever it was we were watching had in its theme the idea of alien life. Our son, Trevor, tweeted this week, “In a hashtag aliens exist looks like alien sexist. Both of which would be kind of cool.” (He takes after his. . . I want to say father, but I’m afraid it’s his mother!) Anyway, then today as I was reading along in John 17 here comes, “They are not of this world, any more than I am of this world.” That reminded me of I Peter 2:11, “Dear friends, I urge you as strangers and aliens in this world, to abstain from sinful desires which war against your soul.” If you have been following my blog at all by now you are getting how it goes. I see it, I hear it, I love it, I blog it.

There is so much great encouragement in John 17. Jesus is praying for the disciples. He’s praying for their protection. He makes it so clear that they are not of this world anymore than He is. He has taken them out of their world, and adopted them into His, made them into sons and daughters–and because of that, they would be hated. They would be persecuted. They would be under attack from the evil one. So Jesus prays His out of this world prayer for them, but also for us when He prays this protection:

“not for them alone but for those who will believe through their message.”

For all those who, for generations to come, will also come out of their world and step into His as adopted sons and daughters is the promise of new life, new identity, new purpose, new attitude, NEW!!!! CHANGED!!! REDEEMED!!! SAVED!!! from this old life–destined for a new one with Him. . . someday. . . forever. . . in Heaven.

He’s called us out of this world, so let’s live like we are from out of this world. Let’s live like strangers and aliens. Let’s live in such a way that people will be curious and hungry and desiring of the purity, generosity, honesty, joy, love, peace, kindness, boldness, grace, mercy, patience, selflessness that come from Christ . . . traits that are rarely seen in this world, because they are from out of this world.

As we enter into the Easter season, you might take notice that the out of this world prayer that Jesus prayed for his disciples, and for you and for me, took place just before He crossed the Kidron Valley east of Jerusalem on His way to an olive grove where He would be met by a disciple named Judas. Jesus understood, and was willing to die so that we could live out of this world both now and forever.