It’s a Supergood Superstart

This past weekend I took my son to Superstart. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, Superstart is a Christian preteen event for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. So although it may seem a little weird that my son is currently 20, keep in mind that he is currently working towards a children and family ministry degree and had been invited by Superstart director Patrick Snow to come and check out what, why and how they do all they do at Superstart. I only got to tag along because Trevor and I are currently planning our church’s upcoming children’s revival, and we used the time to meet, learn, and plan together while enjoying a fabulous weekend. Plus I was old enough to reserve the hotel room!!!

During the weekend I was reminded of several things I thought worthy of sharing. Here are just a few.

1–Take, don’t just send, your kids to events like these–and don’t wait til they are 20!! Granted, Superstart didn’t exist when my boys were young, but we did other kinds of things together. Maybe you don’t have a Superstart in your area (I drove 4 hours to Bloomington-Normal), but if there is something in your area, find it and go. Don’t just leave this up to pastors and sponsors or don’t miss out if you don’t have others in your church going. Step out and grow together, serve together, minister together. It’s amazing how much more you have in common when you have experienced these things together.

2–Live out God’s purposes with your kids–This year’s Superstart theme was built around the concept of knowing our purpose. The three main points, God made me to be all about Him, God saved me to be all about Him, and God gave me what I have to be all about Him, were super. But if all we do with our kids is talk about these things, and we never put our faith into action we will remain purposeless. Today’s kids, like today’s adults, are looking for real purpose in their life. Real purpose which comes only from Jesus.

3–Never stop experiencing the wonder of God–Another awsome thing about this year’s Superstart was the science experiments they built into their themes. I had already attended a fall Superstart with the kids from my church, and so I had previously experienced the event, and Trevor had just attended the event in Tulsa the weekend before with the kids from the church he serves with, but that didn’t keep either of us, and even the Superstart crew from being excited about how all these chemical reactions worked and how awesome the God is who created all these things. Help your kids, and help yourself, by continuinally basking in the wonder of the complexity of all God has created.

4–Listen to great kid worship music with your kids–Big shout out to Yancy (check her out here at ) for a fabulous job leading the preteens in worship. Learn, listen, bond worship with your kids through music. It was a blast, and a great encouragement to be backstage with my “man-son” singing together on Saturday, and then to come home on Sunday and sing with HiSkidZ at our church. Music doesn’t have to divide us because of age, instead let it unite us regardless of our age.

5–Treasure the Moments–I feel abundantly blessed to have spent this weekend with my son “doing ministry.” The grace of God has brought us to places I never imagined, and He brought us there step by step as our family did things together like attend church, go to camp, serve others, lead at VBS, attend youth events, meet with missionaries and pastors…things that confirmed our purpose in Christ and allowed us to live it out for His glory. I never want to take those moments for granted. Like Ebeneazor stones from the Bible, we are treasuring and remembering God’s goodness to us to be passed on to future generations.

So to the Superstart Team–Patrick, Samantha, Drew, Yancy, Aaron, Matt, Liz and your crews (btw, Adam and Zack, you guys did a great job filling in for Mark!)–thanks so much for all you do. Thanks for giving literally tens of thousands of preteens a Superstart in their faithwalk, and for allowing this mom and her son to see, experience learn and grow from all you do and are doing in living out your purposes for God. As we finish planning for our spring Children’s Revival, thanks for giving us a Supergood Superstart as well. God Bless.